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For all your building and construction needs, look no further than SBS Builders. With an experienced, dedicated team, we can complete your project on time, within budget, with everything finished to the very highest standards. Our team is trusted and communicative, with some having worked in the building and construction industry for as many as 35 years. We combine youth with experience, so that our builders in Hackney can bring the energy required to get your project completed and the nous required to ensure that it's done right. SBS stands for Sustainable Built Solutions and we pride ourselves on operating in a way that minimises waste. Whether you need loft conversions, extensions or general maintenance, we can help.

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Why Choose SBS?


Thanks to countless years spent in the industry, we've seen techniques develop and trends come and go. As builders in Hackney, we know how to change with the times, while retaining that commitment and professionalism that has seen our service and our projects stand the test of time.


We have made deep investments in green technology and green equipment, so, while we bring your project to completion, we ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. We ensure that we re-use or recycle all excess materials and use eco-friendly technology while we work.


As we've said, what has allowed us to last in this industry is our commitment to quality. We have extensive experience in the high-end residential sector, combining the highest quality materials with a commitment to operational excellence as builders in Hackney and across London.









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Our Services

  • Building Maintenance
  • New Build Construction
  • Loft Conversions
  • Extensions
  • Refurbishments

Our Services page features a more in-depth breakdown of what we do. Have a read and then get in touch with confidence.

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 Youth and Experience

The real strength of our company is in the people that make up our team of builders in Hackney.

We combine youth and experience, bringing that enthusiasm that comes with young people working their way up in the industry and matching it with experienced, firm, guiding hands, to deliver complex projects to the highest standards and ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

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Green Technology and Experienced Workmanship

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